That a nice piece of the driver market back in those days. You May Also Like. Drivers at the time were coming out from 43 to 45 inches. Select Newport 2 Ball: It was so whippy it was hard to time it up at impact, but when you did

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Throwback Thursday – The Killer Bee Driver

Already have an account? Drivers at the time were coming out from 43 to 45 inches.

That a nice piece of the driver market back in those days. If you hit it right, the club was amazingly long.

It has a graphite BullWhip, firm flex shaft and the grip will need replaced. Last time I hit a ball with it, it was alongside stiff and XS shafts. XR 16 Pro More refinements Killer bee nc-500 refinements Golf shouldn’t be a race. By iacasDecember 31, in Instruction and Killer bee nc-500 Tips. This set includes the 3 iron though 9 iron. Head Material see all. When I need or more off tee: The reason was not the length or nee or anything of the sort mind you.


Killer Bee Golf Clubs | eBay

And that’s before Tiger Woods hit the golf scene. Rocky Thompson and Jack Rule were able to raise 1. Due to the design idea meaning just extra longthere could be no patent issued, so they ber to market quickly. Killer bee nc-500 of killer bee nc-500 money lost and potential down the road due to markings on the face of all things I always get a kick out of funny wifi names.

During the course of sales reached 5 million. They give you way more accurate drives and longer distance on your drive as well!

Played behind a 4 some in 2 carts, each cart would go to each players ball killer bee nc-500 so forth. They don’t do anything with out killer bee nc-500 woken up. I had a buddy that had one of those back in the day and man could he get it out there. You think there was some back ally dealing from another OEM to get them into the “non conforming”? Very difficult to time and control.


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Posted March 3, It worked for Rocky Thompson! You May Also Like. The saga of the Black Rock Killer Bee is killer bee nc-500.

In my Tour Staff Bag: Delivery Options see all.

Think I’d do better with a string. Oh man that’s brutal. It has a graphite, regular flex shaft and the grip may need replaced.