Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Creative themselves tell people to go to their forum to get it but as I said, the link for those particular drivers is no more!! And MixMeister impressed us to no end, with its smart fade-ins, fade-outs, Webcasting abilities, normalisation and automatic beat matching. Many thanks Zoe Main website The sound sometimes broke when we opened and closed quite heavy applications, though the Audigy installed into the same system didn’t have such problems. Let’s compare the card with the Audigy.

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy Review | ZDNet

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Posts: Show Printable Version Email this Page. Nothing more is needed for multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining. Installation is ridiculously easy — a refreshing change from the audio-hardware headaches we’ve encountered with PCI-card-based solutions.

The Audigy has a powerful operational amplifier to maintain the load when low-resistance headphones are connected. The remote control makes navigation simple and easy. The remote control is simple and clear, buttons are easy to press, and it’s possible to navigate easily even in the dark, for example, when you watch DVD movies.

The Sound Blaster Extigy Quick Start is a high-quality professionally-designed utility which answers all questions step by step about all connectors and modes of the Extigy. Second Encounter and Unreal Tournament 4.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy

Yet audigy the first one, made at the same time of the extigy is still very well supported. With the Sound Blaster Extigy, Creative Labs gives computer music fans seven outputs and five audio inputs of pretty much every kind. With this external sound card attached via USB, your computer can send and receive audio to and from MiniDisc players, DVD players, home-theatre systems, surround-sound speakers, microphones, guitars, MIDI drum machines and almost any other audio device you can think of, in digital, analogue, or Dolby Digital surround sound.


We used the exxtigy EgoSys WaveTerminal sound card as a signal source and receiver to obtain precise relative results and choose an optimal signal level applied to and read creatuve the tested device.

They allowed us to compare the sound by switching between the codec and the front output. On the other hand, Creative is proud of the fact that the Extigy uses all capabilities of the modern USB bus, and sound processing for example, CMSS which is a stereo virtualization for 5.

When we tried this approach, the results were excellent — fully immersive surround sound. I have hunted everywhere even on the Creative forums and the links that were there don’t work. At default, the Extigy is seen as a WDM card which supports reproduction on 3 different virtual devices.

If you need the IEEE and at the same time an external unit with the maximum number of different interfaces you’d better go with Audigy Platinum or Audigy Platinum eX. Glad to help It’s a nice little box actually – I have grown quite fond of mine!!!! Skip to main content.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: That is why pops and loss of sound on the Extigy working under the Windows ME can be accounted cretive the bad work of the Epic programmers and bad multitasking in W9x. The Extigy is perfect for recording from an external source, but due to the latency caused by the USB cord, it’s only just passable for amateur musicians wanting to record multiple tracks of audio.


Reverberation is lacking at all, and there is only chorus which gets enabled for the whole MIDI synthesizer and which can’t be adjusted for separate channels. For listening to multichannel games, DVD movies and Internet radio with the Extigy it’s necessary to provide: So, what about a low noise at any signal level?

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

The conversion formula 20 log 0. Too bad I live in Canada, or I’d go VATa fair price tag. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Further, when you plug in blasteer Extigy the device will activate itself and determine the number of active speakers or headphones. The operation becomes easier though the minimal latency grows up. All the best Zoe Main website Sound Blaster Extigy Tour is a dynamic presentation which explains all advantages of the Extigy.

Very good in detail In this mode the Creative products are traditionally strong.

Hey ZoeBallz, Do you still have this file available?