I haven’t tried the keyboard you linked, but BenQ is known to make fairly decent monitors. The Ultra-X is not low end at all. Too bad it’s over 2x as much as the BenQ thing Well, I might just buy one of these x things and post a mini-review when I get it. This page has a shot from a different angle and this page claims it has scissor-style keys, in addition to “Internet Ho Keys” – shortcuts to camwhore pages, perhaps? Mon Jan 10, 7:

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Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. I think thats the first time I’ve ever heard the keyboard refered to as good. Apparently, the company was spun off from Acer’s monitor division, but recently they’ve started making or rebranding? It might be of interest to others looking for a keyboard like this there have been a brnq of threads about this in the past that I’ve seen.

After playing around with thinkpad keyboards, I’d say it’ll end up being the best notebook key style keyboard of the bunch. Ah hell, I’ll just spend the extra cash on the Logitech Nov 5, Posts: Dec 30, Posts: I love how the keys feel. I’m kfyboard pondering replacing my model M with one here at work, which is taking me a while to wrap my brain around.


Mon Jan 10, 7: Does any of the keyboard experts around keuboard have any experience with one of these? The only slim keyboard I found on Dell is thisis that what you were talking about?

At least I know I’ll be buying quality.

Benq x Free Driver Download () – qtype_zip

I quite like mine – nice feel, quiet, intefnet very x1200 built. I’ve seen it rebranded with a few other names, including a Mac version. Sun Jan 09, Not only is the layout standard, but the extra function keys included are all of the ones that will work by default in Windows without extra software. On purely aesthetic grounds it looks pretty nice, although this is probably one of the slickest I’ve seen – those multiple shades of purple are pretty stylish. I am having the same delima, does anyone know of a good keyboard without number pad mbaha.

Jan 6, Posts: Dell has a really sweet low profile keyboard too Its basically the keyboard out of a T series benw in an enclosure.

BenQ x low-profile keyboard? – Ars Technica OpenForum

I came across that in my earlier searches but the non-standard key layout looks annoying. Sep 16, Posts: For comparision, they feel just like the keys on an Inspiron laptop.


Originally posted by mbaha: Seems to be fairly high quality. I’ve been intrigued by these keyboards that feature labtop-style keys and have been looking around for all the available models.

BenQ Profile Series x120 Internet Keyboard Pro – keyboard – black, silver

I’m planning on getting one myself in the not too distant future. This page has a shot from a different angle and this page claims it has scissor-style keys, in addition to “Internet Ho Keys” – shortcuts to camwhore pages, perhaps?

Just now I happened to stumble across the BenQ x keyboard, which seems to be pretty much the same thing as the Ultra-X, with the important distinction of being a retail product instead of an OEM-only deal Ultra-X’s are kinda pricey, from what I’ve found.

Sun Jan 09, 8: The Ultra-X is not low end at all.

I got the Ultra-X. Fri Jan 28, 3: